Unfettered 2013, 3min 30sec


Unfettered is a silent study in creating rhythm without sound while using flowers as bold and dynamic graphic elements. It is the intention that cadence and tone can also be felt through the movement for an overall sense of silent musicality. The title refers to images set free from a lens, flowers free from roots, and rhythm free from sound.

The images were acquired using stop motion entirely without a computer or lens, using a 16mm film camera adapted for a variety of pinhole and double-slit techniques.

In the original screening each row was aligned horizontally and was projected on the mediafacade of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb from 29 May - 9 June 2013

More details:

Unfettered is a drastically different and silent version of Con Brio. It is the result of a call for submissions to project on the facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb and it had me rethink my intent behind Con Brio and push the idea further. Both work feature flowers as graphic elements, but in Unfettered all vestiges of narrative are striped away and the flowers become true graphic playthings used to perform a visual rhythm. It is for me a synesthetic aural experience. I was 'liberated' from projecting on a screen and synchronizing with music. The rhythm had to come from the images themselves and this visual rhythm became my preoccupation while working. It more closely reflects the spirit of freedom from technology I felt while shooting.


  • July-August 2015 - L'Heur d'été in & outdoor film festival, Brussels, Belgium
  • May 2015 - MuVi4 - Fifth International Congress "Synaesthesia: Science & Art", Jaén, Spain
  • Dec 2014 - Les Sommets du cinéma d'animation,
    Montreal, Quebec Canada
  • Apr 2014 - Experiments in Cinema,
    Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
  • 13 Mar. - 24 Apr. 2014 - DANUBE Videoart festival on VisualcontainerTV, International Videoart Webchannel
  • 10 Jan. - 10 May 2014 - Aberystwyth Arts Centre: The Box ,
  • Nov. 2013 - Festival Internacional de VideoArte,
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Oct. 2013 - DANUBE Videoart festival,
    Stadtkino Grein, Austria
  • Aug. 2013 - Videoholica International Video Art Festival: Out of Focus , Varna, Bulgaria
  • 29 May- 9 Jun. 2013 - Museum of Contemporary Art Mediafacade , during Animafest, Zagreb Croatia